L & L Fence Company offers one of the largest selections of Bio-Fuels and wood pellets in Western Mass. ALL of our fuels are stored INDOORS or UNDER COVER to assure you get a quality, dry product for your winter heating needs! You can purchase any of our fuels in individual packages or buy in bulk and save!

DELIVERIES AVAILABLE!  Call our office for pricing!


BioBricks offer a number of distinct advantages.

Northern Warmth Supreme Douglas Fir

Northern Warmth Supreme Douglas Fir (purple bag) is considered by many the best wood pellet on the market.

Blackstone Pellets

Blackstone Wood Fuels is a producer of premium grade hardwood pellet fuel. Plant location in Eastford, CT within the heart of the Blackstone River Valley.


Our Firelogs Last Up to 12 Hours without Separating

Only firelogs from Home Fire Prest Logs produce heat for up to 12 hours.

La Crete

La Crete is a high end super premium softwood pellet from Alberta Canada. 

Fiber Fuel

Fiber Fuel is a two pound wood brick used to complement or replace standard firewood. 


Hotter, Drier and Cleaner than industry standards for “Premium” pellets

The Pellet Fuels Institute (PFI) set standards for all pellets, including “Premium.” Olympus pellets exceed these standards in several important ways:

Wood and Sons

Wood and Sons
Sanford, Maine